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Excuses Don’t Produce Results

One thing in life we can bank on is interruptions.

Our life, our plans, our goals will be interrupted. Either we will create them or someone or something will. However, we can adapt to/overcome the interruption and move forward. Or, we can get discouraged and miss out on a positive result.

I have only posted one blog in 8 months. Why?

Because I had no ideas? No!
Because I didn’t have the time? I thought I didn’t, but No!
Because I didn’t want to do it anymore? No!

It was because I didn’t adapt to changes in my life, because I let unforeseen changes in life and excuses prevent me from doing what I believe God wants me to do. I had a coach in high school that said, when we had an excuse, “I don’t want excuses…I want results.” I am the master of excuses, justification, reasons I can’t accomplish a goal. I constantly have to fight it.

For eight months I have not fought it. I have not produced results. We do what we want to do. So, whatever you are doing instead of doing what you say you want to do, that is what you want to do. I find time to watch a TV show because I think I need to relax, take a nap because I am tired, sit and vegetate because I am having a long day, etc., instead of writing a blog to encourage men to step into chaos, which is what “I want to do.”

How to View Interruptions:

1) Understand they will happen, anticipate them. The Boy Scout motto “Be Prepared” is good advice. When making plans and setting goals, be prepared for the interruption; don’t be caught off guard or be discouraged.

2) Develop and have a breakthrough mentality to overcome them so they don’t overcome you. We can easily become discouraged, view ourselves as a failure and thereby quit. My father frequently told my siblings and me: “Engineers have to deal with things the way they find them, not the way they wish they were,” meaning, it does no good to wish and complain. We need to get busy overcoming the barrier, because it won’t typically go away on its own. It is something we need to be strong and courageous to overcome.

3) Overcoming them will make us stronger and wiser. We will be better able to lend assistance to those around us. In many cases by not doing something we say we want to do, we let people down. We need to think of others. What impact will not doing what you say you want to do or are going to do have on someone else? Someone may be looking to you to provide encouragement, advice, or help.

Our reasons or excuses for not doing “x” or “y” probably sound reasonable to us. However, an excuse is just that, an excuse. We do what we want to do and in many cases we give lip service to what we say we “really” want to do.

Actions speak louder than words! So, what you are doing is what you really want to do.

Join me in not giving lip service to our goals and/or plans and start producing results. Let’s be prepared to overcome interruptions in our life and follow through with our goals, plans, and commitments.

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