Avoiding The Point Of No Return

woman sitting on cliff's edge by water

“He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.” (Proverb 29:1)   If we reject correction, there will come a time we won’t be able to change. A fool rejects input from one who loves him. A wise man is one who hears those who love him. My father-in-law…

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The Three R’s

Empty room in disrepair

Even though I’m a teacher, the R’s I’m referring to are not Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. And that doesn’t make sense anyway – only one word begins with an R! Last summer, we were consumed with a remodeling project prompted by an overflowing washing machine. It struck me (in the middle of the night when…

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The Learning Process

girl reading from book with magical lights emitting from book

“You change your attitude, young man!” We have all probably heard that statement from at least one of our parents while growing up. I believe your attitude determines your actions. I mentioned in my blogLearning From Our Mistakes,” that I don’t call a so-called mistake, a mistake if we learn from it. I submit it…

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Learning From Our Mistakes

Man in raincoat on cliffside looking at road

My son-in-law has challenged me to write about how to come back from mistakes. It made sense. Of course! Readers want encouragement on how to move on, how to make beauty from the ash heap they have created. I agree, after screwing up, we can be very down on ourselves, and we can easily spend…

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