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Men, is the chaos of relationships paralyzing to you?

For most men, chaos at work or in an area we are well trained in is something we can easily step into and put order to. However, what about chaos in relationships? Do you freeze or want to escape when confronted with a tough or confusing situation in a relationship?

I know the feeling. I have been there, not knowing what to say or do when emotions rise. It is not uncommon for men to suppress their emotions, to struggle with finding their emotions, or even believe that they have them. All of this can lead to not being able to find our voice, let alone share it.

Men we are called to lead in the sphere God has put us in and yes, even be a “Knight in Shining Armor” for the woman we love.

  • Do you feel all of this and wonder how to sort it out?
  • Don't know how to find your voice?
  • Are you fearful of feelings?
  • Don't know how to recognize/express your emotions?
  • Do you wish you could verbalize your feelings and emotions?
  • Do you wish you did not freeze during important conversations?
  • Do you know you should be leading but cannot figure out what that looks like?

If any or all of this resonates with you, let's talk. I would enjoy helping you take that first step into the chaos.

Get Closer to those you love

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The Learning Process


Discover How Simple Questions Deepen a Relationship

Whether you are just dating or have been married for decades, Questions to Connect - for Dating and Going Deeper can help you get to know your significant other better. After 37 years, we are still learning about each other!

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