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A Mentor is a Must

In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is a teacher and overseer that Odysseus, King of Ithaca, leaves with his son Telemachus as he goes to fight in the Trojan war. The word mentor has evolved to mean: trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person. For us to navigate the odyssey of life, we need a mentor. If you haven’t already, you may want to read my blog, “We Can’t Go it Alone“.


I have had a number of mentors in my life in the areas of sports, jobs, businesses, and relationships. My father was a mentor to me in the area of how to work and fix things. However, he did not play a large role in how to walk with God, walk through life and walk in relationships.

This is the area I would like speak to. My father-in-law, Chuck Bollar, was my mentor in this arena. He demonstrated to me what it meant to follow Christ. He coached me in how to have productive relationships with others by exemplifying it.

He was always available for advice on various decisions and he would just spend time with me. This is how he demonstrated how to live life well as a follower of Christ. Be selective when choosing your mentor.

Following are qualities important in any coach:

  • a relationship with God through Jesus Christ
  • humility
  • respected by his wife and children (if married). I suggest if you are married, your mentor be married; if you have kids, your mentor have kids.
  • vibrant, growing relationships
  • known as a man of integrity
  • respected in his spheres of influence
  • a leader in his church
  • will challenge you and hold you accountable
  • approachable

We need the help of one that has gone before us. If you don’t already have a mentor, seek one out and ask him to step into your life. Like Telemachus, look for a wise advisor to encourage you.