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Avoiding The Point Of No Return

“He who is often reproved, yet stiffens his neck, will suddenly be broken beyond healing.” (Proverb 29:1)


If we reject correction, there will come a time we won’t be able to change. A fool rejects input from one who loves him. A wise man is one who hears those who love him. My father-in-law put it well, some men need to be broken to change their way. Don’t be so stubborn and need to be broken, especially broken beyond healing.


I was one to learn things the hard way. I knew what was right, but I frequently pushed the edge of the envelope and justified my actions. I was not quick to listen to counsel I was given. Even when I asked for it, I was putting on a mask, trying to show I was seeking wisdom. I could have saved myself and others a lot of heartache and heartbreak if I would have not stiffened my neck.


If we would open our heart to those God puts in our life as a helper, we can avoid being broken.


Pride prevents us from humbling ourselves before others and, thereby prevents us from receiving the blessing of another pouring into our lives. Allow God the opportunity to use others in your life. Seek other’s counsel and heed it. Your life, most likely, will be less stressful and chaotic.


It is time we understand that God puts people in our lives to help us. He has done it throughout time. When those in your life reprove you, hear it! It is very possibly God speaking through them.


At least consider their words and how they may apply to you. Begin a conversation with them and work through their reproof of you. You may just learn something about yourself. And you may avoid reaching the point of no return.


Share an example of receiving reproof or discounting it.

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