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Peer to Peer


Life is difficult alone, and having a true friend makes it easier. We, as men, think we can be Lone Rangers – we are wrong.

We were designed to be relational and share life with others. Let down your guard, and let another man into your life.

Growing up, I didn’t have any real friends, at least not ones I felt close to. I had friends I got in trouble with, guys I would impress with my willingness to do stupid things to get attention. I was a leader, a leader of creating chaos.

I did not help build my friends up; instead, I contributed to tearing them down. I submit this is probably the most difficult relationship to develop; it is for me. We must push forward, seek out a peer and develop a solid, growing relationship.


This man will most likely be your best friend. In the Old Testament, David and Jonathan had an exemplary peer relationship, 1 Samuel chapters 18-23. They were devoted to each other and had each other’s backs. Please read the chapters in 1st Samuel to get an idea of what a peer to peer relationship looks like.

Following are qualities I suggest you look for in a peer relationship:

  • Passionate relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Man of Integrity
  • Will hold you accountable
  •  Will challenge you
  • In a similar state of life as you
  • Similar interests
  • Humble
  • Willing to be vulnerable and share emotions

This is an important relationship. We need someone we can relate with, someone who can relate to us and someone who will and can understand us, but not be a “yes man.”

We need someone who will not always support us in what we do, a person who will tell us we are wrong when we are wrong and who  will help correct our path when we venture to the left or the right. Don’t go through life alone. Find a friend to walk with you through the challenges life presents. We need to maintain a proper perspective on life.

What is holding you back from developing a relationship with a buddy? I’d like to discuss it with you.