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The Learning Process

“You change your attitude, young man!” We have all probably heard that statement from at least one of our parents while growing up. I believe your attitude determines your actions. I mentioned in my blog “Learning From Our Mistakes,” that I don’t call a so-called mistake, a mistake if we learn from it.

I submit it may have been an action or decision of poor judgment but not a mistake/failure. It becomes a mistake when our pride gets in the way and prevents us from learning from it.


My father constantly drove home to my siblings and me what he believed to be “The Learning Process.”

  • We must admit we don’t know;
  • We must want to do something about it;
  • Then, we must do it.


To follow this process requires an attitude change. We need to humble ourselves and admit we don’t know something. We must admit we need help. This can be difficult because it is against our selfish nature, but the result is worth it. I think this process is directly related to wisdom, understanding, and knowledge referred to throughout the Bible. Trust me, following this process works. And choosing not to follow it will only extend our life of poor judgment.


To admit we don’t know something is to show we have a measure of wisdom.

To want to do something about what we don’t know shows understanding. And, to do something to affect change in ourselves demonstrates we have gained some knowledge.


Put your pride aside! Better yet, turn away from it and move forward in life wisdom and maturity. Be willing to admit you need to learn something. Move away from a selfish mindset to a selfless mindset (Phillipians 2:4).


Cherish Change! Want to be better and desire to renew your mind, (Romans 12:2), so you may discern the will of God which is: that each of you know how to possess his own body in sanctification and honor, (1 Thessalonians 4:1-2). Desire to grow in knowledge and self-control.


Be devoted to doing! Admitting you don’t know and wanting to do something about it are not enough. You must act, become effectual doers and not hearers who are deluded (James 1:22). When we are all talk and not men of action we are no more than a forgetful hearer continuing in our life of foolishness. This is where all sorts of excuses arise as to why you can’t/won’t succeed. Don’t let them formulate, read my blog “Excuses Don’t Produce Results”.


So…now that I have presented “The Learning Process” where do I suggest you go to learn and gain self-control? The Bible, the “text book” for living life well. Since I have begun to read and study the Bible daily, I have continued to grow in wisdom, understanding, and knowledge. I challenge you to follow me in devoting ourselves to living by the Book!


Click below and share with me how you need to apply The Learning Process. Let me know if you need help starting the process or identifying the first step: something you don’t know.