A Cultural Shift

Jesus talking to Disciples illustration

We have lost our way because of cultural pressure.  Men are seen as wimps, incompetent, foolish, childish, 30 is the new 15. Men are not maturing beyond playing with toys – the toys just have more horsepower and cost more. They resist taking responsibility. Men have stepped away from taking charge and leading. Culture says…

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Man After God's Heart

Cowboys on horses in the woods

Our culture looks for manly men, the Bear Grylls type, the Mt. Everest climbers, adventurous men. And, too many men seek to be the rough, tough, have it all together type showing no emotion — “mister macho.” We have put little value on a man that can establish relationships and maintain them and lead with…

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Husbands Love Your Wives

couple sitting on beach together

Husbands, please love your wives! Marriages are falling apart! And much of the reason and responsibility is on the husband. Husbands are not loving their wives. It is the husband’s role to set the tone for the marriage relationship. Men are called to lead their families and a big part of that is loving their…

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Being a Mentor

Older and younger man smiling

In a previous post, “We Can’t Go It Alone”, there are three relationships that are important to have in life: a mentor, a peer, and a protégé/apprentice. In “A Mentor Is a Must” and “Peer To Peer” I elaborate on the first two. Here I want to finish this series and discuss the importance of…

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Excuses Don’t Produce Results

Large boulder and rocks on mountain road

One thing in life we can bank on is interruptions. Our life, our plans, our goals will be interrupted. Either we will create them or someone or something will. However, we can adapt to/overcome the interruption and move forward. Or, we can get discouraged and miss out on a positive result. I have only posted…

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Our Story

Bob & Enne Goss

“Why did you tell us this?” our kids asked. They wondered how something that happened before they were born could possibly be relevant. Well, this is why we told them and why we are telling you: God has healed our marriage in a miraculous way, but not without many years of hard work. We want…

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Peer to Peer

two millennial men sitting on a staircase talking

  Life is difficult alone, and having a true friend makes it easier. We, as men, think we can be Lone Rangers – we are wrong. We were designed to be relational and share life with others. Let down your guard, and let another man into your life. Growing up, I didn’t have any real…

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stack of puzzle pieces

In general, we as men are poor at dealing with the chaos around us. We avoid it at all cost; it even, in some cases, paralyzes us. Or, better stated, we allow it to paralyze us. We do well at making order out of chaos in our jobs, but when it comes to relationships, we…

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A Mentor is a Must

Older and younger man talking on a couch

In Homer’s Odyssey, Mentor is a teacher and overseer that Odysseus, King of Ithaca, leaves with his son Telemachus as he goes to fight in the Trojan war. The word mentor has evolved to mean: trusted advisor, friend, teacher and wise person. For us to navigate the odyssey of life, we need a mentor. If you…

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I Want to Be a Tool

assortment of tools, screws, and nails on workbench

If you look up the word Tool in Urban Dictionary, the definition you will read is this: “One who lacks the mental capacity to know he is being used. A fool. A cretin. Characterized by low intelligence and/or self-esteem.” If you look it up in Webster’s Dictionary this is what you will find, amongst others:…

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